Monday, September 7, 2015

Chebeague Island Maine Engagement Portraits

When Brian called me from DC he explained that his fiance has had a family home on Chebeagaue Island here in Maine for the last 3 generations. The island is home to her. She grew up spending the summers there and they would be getting married on the island as well. They wanted me to come out and take engagement portraits.

I have to say it was a pretty magical place for me. I took the ferry over from Cousins Island in Yarmouth. It was an amazing day. The clouds were dramatic and you could feel summer coming. (Yes, I haven't had a chance to blog these so I am a bit late!) The island has that feel that most islands in Maine do. It calls back to more simple times. Uncomplicated and quiet. There are still flyers for local suppers and concerts, but it feels small and quaint in a way that a bigger city just can't compete with. You wave to everyone as you drive by them. You know everyone. You can see who is adding to the camp. Who is getting married. The new babies born that have grown a bit more every summer. I sort of love that. It's nice to know these places still exist. Where you can just relax and wander around. Leave your door unlocked and take your dogs everywhere.

I can't wait until the wedding next year. I know there will be more of the same. Lots of beauty, quiet, and close family embraced by coastal beauty that only Maine can offer. People come from afar to relax in a way that only Maine has

. I feel so lucky to get to see it all that time. I will also try and channel this when I am under several feet of snow and ice this winter too. (:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fall Mini Sessions at Flaherty Farm in Scarborough Maine

Call today! Spots are already filling up for this one day only event. It will be held at Flaherty's Farm in Scarborough Maine on Saturday September 12th. You get a 25 minute session, 2 gift prints (5x7) and a mobile app as well as 10% off all custom art work. All for $129. 

There will also be special packages available for just these sessions with a combination of products....including custom made Holiday cards! Get a jump on your gifts for the Holidays with beautiful family or children's portraits. 

Call me at 207-318-0467 or my studio manager Lisa at 207-650-3920 to secure your spot and get all the details! 

See you soon! - Jen 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mother daughter portraits at Ft. Williams, Cape Elizabeth Maine

When Tiffany called we had a conversation so that I could get to know her a bit. I wanted to know why she wanted portraits of she and her daughter right now. What was special in her life. And, of course, what she wanted for products for her home. 

I found out that Tiffany isn't from Maine, she is from Atlanta, Georgia and really wanted to capture the beauty of Maine. It is so different then where she is from! I also learned about her daughter Jordan and how she was born way too early. How Jordan came into the world at a whopping one pound! She was in the hospital for three months, but you would never know it today. Tiffany thinks of Jordan has her miracle and I can see why. All parents think our children are the most amazing wonder of the world so I can't even imagine what it must have been like for Tiffany when Jordan was born. What a scary time that must have been for Tiffany. Her connection with Jordan was a joy to watch and capture. 

 She choose Ft. Williams in Cape Elizabeth since there are several spots there that she really loves to spend time at. I agree that is a perfect Maine backdrop for portraits. There is the grassy open lawn with the dappled light and a rocky beach that Maine is so known for. The evening was perfect the night that we chose to go out together. 

If you are thinking about portraits make sure you take the action and just call. What matters on a day to day basis are these times. The moments spent just hanging out with our family or children. We spend so much time at work or rushing from one appointment to the next that soon years have gone by. I am always so joyous at being able to savor these memories for my clients. So that they can always look back and remember them fondly. 

I am starting this post with the portrait of her finished wooden keepsake box. These boxes are selling like hotcakes. They have an image printed into the top of the wooden lid and are truly one of a kind. They hold 15 mounted art prints with room left over for you to add your own printed memories. They are beautiful as gifts or to keep to give to your children when they are all grown up. I am making one for my own daughter since she just requested one she loves them so much!

In life and love - Jen